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Furniture Dealer Doug Newton creates a free office room plan, sources commercial business furniture, delivers and sets up.


Your office furniture gives your clients their first impression of your company. The overall look of your reception area, office and conference rooms will tell your customer if you run a successful, well organized operation. When you want to send the right message, Doug will create a well thought out and efficient plan for your office.


Your Better Office handles the stock of numerous top home and business furniture companies. You can choose from many styles, colors, makes and be able to shop in any budget range. There are plenty of choices in ergonomic styles, traditional and modern designs. You will receive just the right commercial business furniture for your company or home office.


Using Doug Newton as your furniture dealer is considered by his clients as the best place to get office furniture. His free consultation is in your office where he creates a free office room plan. He determines the best possible placement for productivity, storage and foot traffic. He sources, delivers and handles the set up.

Best Place to get Office Furniture

Everything You Need:

  • Desks
  • Conference Tables
  • Breakroom Furniture
  • Reception Furniture
  • Computer Desks
  • Ergonomic Chairs
  • Cabinets
  • Quick Service

Home Office Furniture

In the home office, your office furniture will have some special needs. Comfort will play a big role, but it is easy to overlook good organization if your clients usually never see your office. Doug will help set up your space with comfort, productiving and the ideal organization in mind.

Commercial Business Furniture

Doug finds the right furniture pieces for your organization’s productivity, employee comfort and safety, keeping with your plan of superior design.

Used & New Furniture

As a furniture dealer, Doug handles the sourcing of all your furniture needs, hires and supervises the assembly, installation and placement of your new or used office furniture.

You Come Out Ahead

Using a furniture dealer like Doug Newton allows you to take advantage of his decades of relationships built up with furniture manufacturers. This allows you special discounts and the ability to take advantage of the professionalism of the best in the business for your commercial business furniture upgrade.

Doug will make sure you are informed on the latest ergonomic features and help you address any concerns on keeping your employees free from injury from their workspace. He will help you find the best value in keeping with your budget for the project.

What To Expect

Putting his decades of experience to work for your office furniture needs, whether it is a home office or setting up every phase of your corporate headquarters, Doug is with you every step of the way.

First he’ll stop by your office for a free consultation to get the details on what you need done. Next he will put together a free drawing for the office space room plan.

After sourcing the furniture needed for your office, break rooms, conference rooms and reception areas, he’ll hire the team that delivers, assembles, installs and sets up your new look.  Doug always makes himself available to explain features of the furniture, help with warranty claims and is always available to advise whenever you have questions.


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Doug made re-outfitting our corporate office with new furniture an easy experience. He came to my office to discuss our plan. He made some valuable suggestions for ergonomics and other ways to improve productivity and lessen workplace injury. He made an office room plan, ordered the furniture, had it delivered and even handled the set it up! All we had to do is let him know what we wanted and give approvals.
Doug saved us a lot of time and now we have beautiful offices and reception area. I highly recommend his services.

Pam L.

VP, Acquisitions


with New Furniture

  • Your Convenience is a Priority
  • Free In-Office Consultation
  • Free Office Room Plan
  • Quick Delivery & Set Up
  • Workmanship Guarantee
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