For many decades commercial business furniture has been very large, clunky and many times very ornate. Today’s furniture styles are very different and it might be time for an update for your company.

Commercial Business Furniture

Today’s styles have very simple and very clean lines for commercial business furniture. Typically in offices, there is a combination of ergonomic chairs, desks and platforms for computer monitors along with traditional desks and chairs.

The most popular style seems to embrace the Modern and Contemporary Movement that was all the rage in the 1960s. Colors and designs are quite subdued today in comparison to those glory days of loud colors and psychedelic patterns. But you’ll recognize the simple styles with the longer, thinner chair legs and lots of bends and turns in desks and chairs.

Why So Simple in Style?

These light weight, sleek styles are created with comfort and productivity in mind. In the decades gone by it was the corporate image that was most important and not the worker’s comfort or health. Today a worker will get more hours of work done and do it without much injury, which wasn’t the case with the huge desks, heavy metal small chairs and stiff keyed typewriters.

Your Office Furniture 2.0

If you purchased offices full of old, used, reliable standards back when you were a struggling start up, it is time to freshen your look. Give Doug a call at Your Better Office to discuss where ergonomics are important to your employees’ health and work habits. He’ll also draw out plans to help figure out the exact furniture you need and how it will fit and function in your offices, conference rooms and reception area. Your employee’s health and productivity depends on commercial business furniture from this modern era.

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