Switching from a desk to a computer table with storage will solve a lot of problems for a worker. It is a better use of space and it vastly improves the appearance of the office. Here are some ideas on how to accomplish this nice, neat look.

Computer Table with Storage

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a clean, shiny table to work on without all the clutter of paperwork, headphones, staplers, files boxes, etc? Well, it’s a new day and today the good option is a computer table with storage on the sides or underneath.

Traditional Desk Type

There is a computer table that has a couple of file drawers and a pullout drawer for your keyboard. It’s like a traditional desk before computers that’s modified to handle a desktop. These desks never were the perfect way to go as a computer desk, but it was all we had up until now. This is usually the least expensive option.

A Clean Surface

The new computer table is a wide tabletop that’s intended to stay cleared off, with the exception of your laptop. It is a very clean look.

Of course, you will still have all of your stuff, so where to put those papers, staplers and inboxes? You add more furniture pieces to go around your desk! Keep everything within reach. Add a drawer credenza that has a modification for office supplies. Add two drawer file cabinet with a small shelf hidden on the side. Some people will have two tables, one for the laptop and one for working with a client. There are so many options.

Help Finding What You Need

Give Doug a call at Your Better Office and he will design a workstation that includes a computer table with storage. He will draw up plans for your space to make sure everything will fit, too.

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