A good many offices are still using cubicles, but the upcoming trend is to have open workspaces where there are group office desks. It is time to take down that wall between you and your neighbor.

Group Office Desks

There are as many ways to group office desks as there are designers to think them up. What the huge companies like Google or Apple are doing are not going to fit with your company work ethic likely. So, you need to come up with a design that is very practical and fits your employee’s duties the best.

Phone calls suddenly become something everyone is hyperaware of doing once the walls come down. With the cubicle, a worker had the feeling they were in their own little world and they forgot they were right next to someone else. With the wall missing they are very aware there is another person right there. So, what is happening is that the open work space is quieter. Not only do workers try to give their coworkers a quieter space, the person on the phone isn’t so crazy about being clearly overheard. The end result – peace and quiet throughout the office.

For workers that need complete privacy for some calls, a quiet phone area – akin to an old fashioned phone booth – can be installed off to the side, but near the person’s desk.

The Ideal Setup

The ideal setup is that workers are in groups, but management is somewhere in that group, also. The boss is now more accessible and the boss becomes more sympathetic to office issues, as these issues are now seen first-hand. All the way around, it is better for the workers and the company to have the boss and supervisors in the pool, too.

Specially Designed Group Office Desks

If you’re setting up an office, ask Doug at Your Better Office about the group office desks that are replacing cubicles. You are going to find you like them far better than the walls.

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