Many companies first think of group office desks as a solution for an office layout or space issue. But there are some great benefits to having grouped together employee desks in a large office space.

Group Office Desks

When employees work close together they are more apt to coordinate their efforts on projects and develop a network. The office becomes a team that pulls resources and works like an efficient workforce. Using group office desks is a far better environment in which to work than having closed off cubicles and private offices.

This idea of having employees work in a group is not a new one. You might remember seeing the “secretarial pool” idea in old movies from the 1960s or even earlier. This is the way it used to be done and it was considered very productive.

Breaking away from that idea wasn’t necessarily a good one. But with privacy concerns with a telephone on every desk the office became very individualistic. Gone were the friendships, work networks and team effort.

Well, now it is back. Something as simple as having employees working in a group setting can increase employee learning dramatically as they collaborate. Friendships are also built between employees and it contributes to a happier, more productive work environment.

Even if you have plenty of space for all your employees to have private offices, building a community type of setting with group office desks will very much benefit the company. There are a lot of positive advantages to this setup.

If you want to discuss office layouts, please contact Doug here at Your Better Office. Doug can explain the advantages for you company using group office desks and draw up a layout plan so that you can see how that will look.

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