Low price office furniture is almost a godsend when you’re a startup with almost no budget to work with. But is that cheap furniture really such a great deal? Here are some things to look for so that your budget is not blown.

Low Price Office Furniture

When you go into the big box office supply stores to buy furniture they make every piece look like it is such a deal. There are discounts everywhere and the savings appear to be spectacular!

Your first problem is that you can’t find anyone in the store to help you. And when you do find a salesperson, it is fairly clear they really don’t know much about furniture. But what’s there to know, right? It’s just a desk. Well, there is a lot to know about that desk, as it turns out.

When you purchase the wrong desk for your needs, it becomes a pretty expensive desk. If you’re at that desk all day working on your computer, it needs to be the right height, have the keyboard drawer in the right place and drawers that can hold up to the kind of duty you’re going to put them through. If your clients are going to see it, it is going to need to look good until you can afford an upgrade, not chipped and damaged. If the big box low price desk cannot do all of this and spending $50 more would have purchased the right desk then you wasted your money.

Using a Furniture Dealer

When you use a furniture dealer like Doug Newton at Your Better Office, low price office furniture might be a good deal, because he’ll see to it that it meets your needs. Chances are he’ll probably find a desk that is priced lower and is a better quality than that big box office supply store, too. Give Doug a call today.

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