Office chairs for bad backs are a must for anyone who is in pain from sitting at their desk. Some chairs can be adjusted to take the pressure off of your lower back. But there is a little more to the situation. Here are some tips.

Office chairs for Bad Backs

The first step is to make sure it isn’t a cause unrelated to your chair. There are plenty of things that can make your back hurt when you’re sitting at a desk. If it is the chair, you’ll need to splurge and get an office chair for bad backs, but possibly some simple adjustments at your desk will make a world of difference.

Your monitor should be easy to view without straining. So, get a new eyeglasses prescription and put the monitor up a little higher. Possibly, you’ll need to get a larger one. Straining to see will cause you to hunch over to easily read the words, causing back, shoulder and neck pain.

Adjust your keyboard and mouse so that you’re not putting your shoulders in a weird position all day, possibly by adjusting the desk’s height. It helps to have someone take a look at your body position while you’re working when you don’t know they’re looking. If you’re getting into weird positions while sitting, your co-worker will see it even though you have no idea you’re doing it.

If all those adjustments didn’t solve the problem, it is time to start shopping for a good ergonomic chair. These chairs have good adjustment knobs right where you need them. They’ll have fantastic lumbar support and help you sit at a very comfortable position while the chair supports your entire body. It is completely worth it to spend too much.

Give Doug a call at Your Better Office to take a look at some ergonomic office chairs for bad backs. Soon, you’ll have no more pain sitting at the desk.

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