Part of our service at Your Better Office is to draw an office furniture plan for our client. This is the only way to know for sure if the furniture you want will fit and work properly in your office space.

Office Furniture Plans

We provide our hand-drawn office furniture plans for free for our clients. This is one of the many ways we put in that extra effort to make certain you’re selecting the right furniture for your office. Without a plan, you might discover your new, totally awesome desk is being banged by the door every time someone goes through it. We like to avoid problems like that. Our furniture plan will make sure that everything in your office fits perfectly and is able to function as intended.

Buying Office Furniture

Doug, our salesman at Your Better Office, will come to your office to sit down with you to browse catalogs to find out what you like in furniture. You’ll have a conversation about what types of furniture you want and the daily functions in the room you’re furnishing. Doug will put his decades of experience to work to give suggestions on unique solutions for the perfect setup.

We work with many manufacturers and the products available have a wide range of budgets. We have ergonomic furniture choices as well, if you’d like to do that upgrade to ensure the comfort and health of your staff.

Your Better Office

Choosing just the right furniture can turn into a frustrating experience when you don’t work with furniture all the time. Doug will help you along the way, staying within your budget while heading off potential problems with function and fit. He’ll make it seem that it’s very easy to fill the home office with all the furniture you need. Give us a call to get your free office furniture plan drawn.

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