When you’re trying to design your home office, you could use some good advice from someone who understands office furniture. This will help you avoid some costly mistakes.

Home Office

Your home office needs to be compact, comfortable and very functional. In a large corporate office you have the option to toss aside a chair that isn’t a good fit and just swap it out with another sitting in an unused office. At home you’re stuck with what you bought.

Many inexperienced people buying furniture know they need to be seated at one side of the desk and have a return going off to the side for computer, files and inboxes. When it is delivered and set up, they discover the return is going in the opposite direction than what is needed for the room. Having an office furniture expert guide you through the furniture buying process lets you avoid these time consuming and expensive mistakes.

When Doug at Your Better Office helps you set up your home office, he will draw a plan for your room. He’ll make suggestions on chairs, desks, filing cabinets, everything you need to run your home office in the Silicon Valley.

Chairs can be a difficult fit, but Doug will help you find an ergonomic chair that will fit your body like a glove. It’ll support your back, arms and legs in ways you didn’t know an office chair could. The comfortable, great fit will help you work better as you’re not constantly fidgeting in the chair trying to relax enough to work. Technology has come a long way.

Give Doug a call and let him know what you have in mind for your home office. He’ll come to you and discuss your layout. He’ll offer suggestions he feels is a perfect fit for your space. Give him a call today to get your perfect office setup soon.

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